Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Family

I have a BIG family. My loving Dad & Mum, three brother and three sister then me. I am the youngest one. My dad is a person who always put us before him, meaning we always important then himself. He always busy earning $$ for us but he never left us befind from his life. We always be part of his life, we know you love us more than other do. About my mum, she is a fulltime housewise and she is the best mum in the world. She never stop taking care us even some of us has there own family. She like an angle for us who always protect us from everything that harm to us. She always keep give us her warm love and care and she always keep us in her prayers. Dad and mum, we love you both very much.My oldest brother is a responsible brother. Even he far older then us, srtill he work hard to understand what we need while we all are growing up. He always be our best friends. My next brother is a quit and low profile person. He is a person who not well in sosailise, but he always care about all of us. My oldest is a hard working person. She work hard to get a better life and she know how to utilise her property very well. She really care about us and we all respect her most. My second sister is a happy go lucky person. She always make us feel happy. That the way she show her care to us. My youngest sister is a easy going person. She like to make us lough and definately she is a funniest person. My youngest brother is a playfull person. We always fight for no reason. And he lile to play with car, that why our Honda car become an experiment for him to try something new. Finally ME! I am a simple person who like to eat, like to play, like to sleep, like to cook, like to... aaa... I almost like a PIG... There are many charecter in my family. Somehow we all had gone through up and down moment together.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

About myself

It been long time i didn't view and feel a person called Kian Fat 0r aping. My name is Kian Fat and my informal name called Aping. I am 22 years old. Now still as a university student and still single. For this moment, i am having my industry training in a local company. So far, i am having a great experiance during my industry training. I meet many kind of people and experaince many unexpecting changes and knowladges. At the same time, i can often meet my friends and one of them have become my best friend or in other word my brother. I really appreciate what god had presant to my now. I am happy for my life now. Even i will be under pressure at work, but after hanging out with brother, everything fix to normal and even feel better. However my life still like a roller couster, 'up and down'. Franckly i appreciate this becouse for my stand of view now, imperfection is a perfection for my life. Thank god.

My Blog

This is my first blog since i lost my friendster account. I really looking to write a blog. This feeling really weird. Maybe I have many thing to be share out. Now finally i had a blog for myself. Now on i can share everthing thought my blog. This story of my own life and maybe people around me as well. Welcome to my life.